Administrative Orders Manual
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03-01 Administrative Order AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CHIEF Authority and responsibilities of the Chief of Police.
03-02 Administrative Order DCOP/EXEC DIR/AREA COMMANDER RESP & COMMAND Responsibilities and Command of the Deputy Chiefs of Police, Executive Director and Area Commanders.
03-03 Administrative Order CHIEF'S STAFF GOAL The Goal of the Chief's Staff is to provide the Chief of Police with the best support possible in the areas of financial management, legal assistance, administrative support and media relations in order to effectively and efficiently operate the Department through the following organizational components and positions:
03-04 Administrative Order ADMINISTRATIVE BUREAU GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The Goal of the Administrative Bureau is to provide effective and efficient operations services to the Department through the Support Services Division, Professional Standards Division, and Communications Section.
03-05 Administrative Order INVESTIGATIVE BUREAU GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The Goal of the Investigative Bureau is to provide effective and efficient support services to the Department through the Special Investigation Division and the Criminal Investigations Division.
03-07 Administrative Order FIELD SERVICES BUREAU GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The Goal of Field Services Bureau is the preservation of peace and order; the prevention and detection of crime; the apprehension of offenders; the protection of person and property, the performance of the multitude of tasks relating to public welfare and safety. In order to provide the citizens of the community the best professional patrol service attainable, Field Services must manage its resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. By utilizing the MPO and Generalist concept, this goal can be attained.
03-08 Administrative Order SUPPORT SERVICES BUREAU GOALS AND OBJECTIVES The Goal of the Support Services Bureau is to provide effective and efficient support services to the Department through the Scientific Evidence Division; the preservation of peace and order; the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of offenders; the protection of person and property, the performance of the multitude of tasks relating to public welfare and safety.
03-09 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-10 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-11 Administrative Order SWORN PERSONNEL POSITION DESCRIPTIONS Sworn Personnel Position Descriptions
03-12 Administrative Order CIVILIAN PERSONNEL POSITION DESCRIPTIONS Civilian Personnel Position Descriptions
03-13 Administrative Order CRISIS NEGOTIATION TEAM SELECTION The Crisis Negotiations Team is composed of officers and detectives as an additional duty function as specialists in certain critical incidents when called upon to do so.
03-14 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-15 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-16 Administrative Order COMMANDING OFFICER'S DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Department policy is to delegate authority and responsibility to a Commanding Officer for the efficient and effective activities of a section or division.
03-17 Administrative Order SUPERIOR OFFICER'S DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Department policy is to delegate authority and responsibility to a Superior Officer in order to maintain proper order, conduct, and discipline of their subordinates.
03-18 Administrative Order SUPERVISOR'S DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Department policy is to delegate responsibility to supervisors for the proper direction, effectiveness, and efficiency of personnel assigned to them.
03-19 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-20 Administrative Order ADMINISTRATIVE ORDERS Department policy is to maintain a system of Administrative Orders and to provide for distribution, accountability, and control of such information.
03-21 Administrative Order CORRESPONDENCE Department policy is to ensure that all Department correspondence is prepared in an approved format and that it is distributed in a timely manner.
03-22 Administrative Order FORMS CONTROL Department policy is to centralize the responsibility for forms control in the Records Section and to utilize standardized forms whenever possible.
03-23 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-24 Administrative Order CHARITABLE DONATIONS OF POLICE SERVICE Offices are encouraged to participate in worthwhile community projects by donating their time and police skills. Participation in these projects must be approved in advance and documented through the Chief’s Time Program.
03-25 Administrative Order TIME SHEET FORM INSTRUCTIONS The Time Sheet is an official document used to determine what an employee is to be paid. The Time Sheet meets regulations set by the Fair Labor Standards Act.
03-26 Administrative Order EMPLOYEE WORK PLAN/PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS In order to achieve the initiatives of the Department, the Department must depend on the satisfactory work performance of all personnel. Performance evaluation is the measurement of on-the-job performance of assigned duties by supervisors to ensure the best use of human resources available; to ensure optimum job satisfaction; and continually improve service to our customers. The creation of the Employee Work Plan has been established based on the Merit System Ordinance 3-1-9, the Administrative Instruction and also linked to the City Strategic Management Process.
03-27 Administrative Order CONTRACTS/M.O.U.'S FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICES It is Department policy that a contract or a Memorandum of Understanding is generated whenever a law enforcement service is rendered to an outside entity(s). This section does not include Memorandums of Understanding (M.O.U's) entered into by the City and/or APOA concerning collective bargaining issues.
03-28 Administrative Order ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTING SYSTEM It is the policy of the Department to maintain a system of reporting organizational component (unit, section, detail, division) activity, in order to keep the Chief of Police, the Chain of Command, City government administration, and affected Department personnel informed on activities of the Department. This policy identifies the types of reports generated, persons responsible for preparing the reports, and the purpose, frequency, and distribution of the reports. For the purpose of this policy, "Logs" will not be considered reports but are included in periodic reports.
03-29 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-30 Administrative Order IN-THE-LINE-OF-DUTY DEATH NOTIFICATION & BENEFITS It is the policy of the Department to ensure that In-the-Line-of-Duty death notifications are conducted in the proper manner and that personnel and their survivors receive all benefits due them in case of a death in the line of duty.
03-31 Administrative Order CITY BUSINESS TRIPS - USE OF PRIVATELY OWNED VEH Department policy is to authorize city business trips as the needs of the department dictate and to provide reimbursement for appropriate expenses incurred in conjunction with approved official city business trips.
03-32 Administrative Order MAINTAINING LIAISON WITH OTHER AGENCIES Department policy is to encourage liaison with and to provide guidelines for maintaining effective channels of communications between other law enforcement agencies, local fire departments, emergency medical officials, and other agencies within the criminal justice system, i.e., courts, prosecutors, probation and parole, and juvenile and adult institutions.
03-33 Administrative Order SPEED CLAIM SYSTEM It is the policy of the Department to collect and disseminate information about incidents that may result in legal action against the City in order to expedite an equitable resolution to these incidents. Supervisors will follow these procedures whenever they anticipate a legal action against the City.
03-34 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-35 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-36 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-37 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-38 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-39 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-40 Administrative Order CIVIL LITIGATION PROCESS Department policy is to have the Risk Management Division of the City of Albuquerque designate private contractors to conduct investigations involving civil suits filed against the department and its personnel.
03-41 Administrative Order INTERNAL AFFAIRS UNIT (IAU) Department policy is to investigate allegations of misconduct by Department personnel. Public trust in the Albuquerque Police Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of all personnel and on the effectiveness of the Internal Affairs Unit.
03-42 Administrative Order INSPECTIONS UNIT AND PROCESS Department policy is to provide an inspectional process as an essential mechanism for evaluating the quality of Department operations, ensuring that the Department's goals are being pursued, identifying the need for additional resources, all applicable Accreditation Standards are met, as well as the completion of periodic reports required by those standards, and ensuring that control is maintained throughout the Department. Line and staff inspections provide the Chief of Police with a means of regularly assessing the Department's efficiency and effectiveness. Staff inspections are conducted by the Inspections Unit at the direction of the Chief of Police.
03-43 Administrative Order COMPLAINTS INVOLVING DEPT POLICY OR PERSONNEL It is the policy of this Department to accept all complaints of alleged officer misconduct, to equitably determine whether the allegations are valid or invalid, and to take appropriate action. It is also the policy to conduct all investigations in an objective, fair and impartial manner to maintain the trust of our community.
03-44 Administrative Order RELIEF OF DUTY Department policy is to take immediate action to deal with personnel who are physically or psychologically unfit for duty or who violate Department policies, procedures, and rules or commit other serious offenses or infractions
03-45 Administrative Order REVIEW OF COMPLETED ADMIN INVEST CASES Department policy is to thoroughly review each completed Citizen Police Complaint and Internal investigation case at all levels of command.
03-46 Administrative Order DUE PROCESS NOTIFICATION TO PERSONNEL Department policy is to provide written due process notification to an employee whenever the implementation of any disciplinary action is likely to result in any loss of pay.
03-47 Administrative Order ACCEPT. OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND RIGHT TO APPEAL Department policy is to provide methods whereby personnel can appeal disciplinary action taken against them.
03-48 Administrative Order INTERNAL AFFAIRS UNIT RECORDS Department policy is to provide for the protection and confidentiality of the files and reports of internal investigations conducted by the Internal Affairs Unit or by other personnel of this Department.
03-49 Administrative Order EARLY INTERVENTION SYSTEM The Albuquerque Police Department recognizes that an Early Intervention System (EIS) is an essential part of the over all discipline system. It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to provide an EIS that is a proactive system intended to enhance awareness for potential problem employees. The emphasis of the EIS is on training and counseling. It operates as a tool to identify employees who have shown a propensity for involvement in incidents of potential misconduct. It is department policy to provide for the protection and confidentiality of the EIS records maintained by the Internal Affairs Unit.
03-50 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-51 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-52 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-53 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-54 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-55 Administrative Order DUTY ASSIGNMENTS AND TRANSFERS Department policy is to provide a structured process for duty assignments and transfers.
03-56 Administrative Order TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENT/ACTIVITY On occasion, it may be necessary to temporarily assign Department employees to a unit or activity other than their regular assignment in order to enhance the effective and efficient operation of the Department.
03-57 Administrative Order SENIORITY Department policy is to recognize seniority among all personnel based on specific legal criteria.
03-58 Administrative Order RESTRICTED DUTY TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS Department policy is to define temporary assignments for eligible sworn employees in accordance with established City guidelines and requirements, to define restricted duty, and to establish rules for determining the employment status of employees placed on restricted duty.
03-59 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-60 Administrative Order AWARDS AND RECOGNITION Department policy is to provide positive incentives and recognition for all Department personnel.
03-61 Administrative Order RETIREMENT OBSERVANCE PROCEDURES Department policy is to formally recognize the retirement of employees and reserve officers.
03-62 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-63 Administrative Order SAFE DRIVER AWARD PROGRAM Department policy is to present the Safe Driver Award to personnel who operate department vehicles without being involved in chargeable vehicle accidents.
03-64 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-65 Administrative Order POLICY AND PROCEDURES REVIEW BOARD Department policy is to maintain a system by which personnel may contribute their input in the development of policies and procedures for the Department.
03-66 Administrative Order SAFETY REVIEW BOARD Department policy is to convene a Safety Review Board to review and classify all police fleet vehicle accidents as preventable or non-preventable. All preventable accidents will be reviewed for root cause analysis to prevent similar types of accidents in the future.
03-67 Administrative Order CRITICAL INCIDENT REVIEW BOARD (CIRB) It is the policy of the Department to employ the Critical Incident Review Board (CIRB) in order to assist the Chief of Police and Command Staff to revise, modify, and create new measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department.
03-68 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-69 Administrative Order TRAINING COMMITTEE Department policy is to provide for review of all training made available to Department personnel.
03-70 Administrative Order EDUCATIONAL LEAVE Department policy is to encourage department personnel to continue their education and to achieve a minimum of a Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university.
03-71 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-72 Administrative Order SCHEDULED AND UNSCHEDULED LEAVE Department policy is to grant appropriate types of leave to eligible personnel in accordance with established city guidelines and requirements.
03-73 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-74 Administrative Order BODY ARMOR Department policy is to provide body armor to officers for protection during life threatening situations.
03-75 Administrative Order DEPARTMENT PROPERTY Department policy is to properly inventory all department property and to hold all personnel accountable for property issued to them. The Finance and Property Management Division is designated as the centralized point for procurement and requisitioning of department property, the issuance of department property to authorized users, and is responsible for overseeing that department property is maintained in a state of operational readiness.
03-76 Administrative Order PURCHASING GUIDE Department policy is to establish provisions for controlling the purchasing process and for making purchasing as effective and efficient as possible.
03-77 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-78 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-79 Administrative Order RESERVED Reserved
03-80 Administrative Order FIREARMS QUALIFICATION AND TRAINING Department policy is to provide firearms training, to qualify all sworn personnel, and to maintain all Department owned firearms
03-81 Administrative Order Reserved Reserved
03-82 Administrative Order ADVANCED TRAINING The department is committed to a continuous process of training by which aptitudes, skills, and abilities of department personnel are developed and maintained as required by the Standard Operating Procedures Manual.
03-83 Administrative Order PHYSICAL FITNESS TESTING AND TRAINING The physical fitness status of the Departments members is vital to the protection of the public welfare and safety. Because of this, the Department promotes and values the police employee's physical fitness and well being. The Department recognizes the need for minimum physical fitness standards and maintains a wellness program for all sworn personnel to insure that they meet these standards