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New Re-Hire Program

Retired officers now have the opportunity to come back and earn a salary in addition to receiving their pensions!

Effective July 1st, 2024 

  • Must have retired prior to December 31, 2023
  • Must be retired for 90 consecutive days
  • $31.89/hour including longevity pay
  • Eligible for vacation accrual based on years of prior service

Contact us today for details at (505) 343-5040

Police Officer

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Lateral Officer

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Police Service Aide

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Transit Officer

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Prisoner Transport

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Conservation Officer

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Three Step

Application Process

Step 1

Fill out your application. Recruiters are available to assist in applying. Select a testing date and complete the required paperwork.

Current Openings (all testing 2 days)

  • October 21-22, 2023
  • November 4-5, 2023
  • November 18-19, 2023

Step 2

Attend Testing Weekend

  • Nelson Denny Exam (Day 1)
  • Written Psychological Exam (Day 2)
  • Turn in completed Personal History Statement and paperwork

Step 3

After testing, you will be assigned a background detective and will complete the following.

  • Background investigation
  • Polygraph
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Chief’s selection
  • Medical exam and drug screen
  • Physical Assessment (4 weeks prior to the start of the Academy)


See what career paths are available based on your skills and characteristics

Touch a patch to learn about the unit!


Can you de-escalate a situation and enjoy establishing relationships?

Mission Oriented

When you’re on a mission, nothing else matters.


Do you catch the small details that others might miss?


Are you naturally organized and have an understanding of processes?

Academy Instructor patch
At the APD Police Academy you will receive the best police instruction in the Nation. APD’s instructors are highly trained and will give you all the tools you need to succeed in your path as a police officer. Instructors generally work Monday – Friday, dayshift hours.
Academy Recruiting patch
The APD Recruiting Unit is responsible for finding new officers and assisting with the hiring process. Generally the recruiting unit works dayshift Monday-Friday but can work varying hours depending on recruiting events.
Air Support patch
APD’s Air Support Unit operates and maintains APD’s Aircraft. They will teach you everything you need to know to one day be in the pilot’s seat! The Air Support Unit’s hours vary greatly and can include dayshift, swing shift, and graveyard.
Auto Theft patch
The Auto-Theft Unit works hard every day to locate and recover stolen vehicles, and identify the offenders. The Auto-Theft Unit works varying hours and days to accomplish their goals and are always looking for motivated personalities to join up!
Aviation patch
Not to be confused with the Air-Support Unit, the Aviation Unit works at the Albuquerque Sunport. They work hand and hand with federal authorities to provide safety and security to the Albuquerque Sunport. They work Dayshift, Swing shift, and have a Graveyard Shift.
Bike Patrol patch
A branch of the Field Services Bureau, the Bike Unit is attached to a dayshift or swing shift Field Services Team. To be a Bike Officer you have to be physically prepared to work “hot spots” in high crime area. To be a bicycle officer, physical fitness is a must.
Bomb Squad patch
The Bomb Unit works with Federal Agencies as well as being a part of the Tactical Team (SWAT). The Bomb Unit operates a bomb robot and drones to assist with safety and security during bomb emergencies. The Bomb Unit is deployed with the SWAT team due to the utility of the bomb robot in locating suspects in dangerous areas. Be prepared to be on-call 24/7 but generally work a dayshift.
Crime Scene Investigator patch
Housed at the APD Crime Labratory, the Major Crime Scene Team is responsible for locating and cataloging items of evidentiary value. Have an interest in photography? Then the Major Crime Unit is for you! Additionally, you will receive a wealth of training in recognizing and gathering evidence. The Crime Scene Team works dayshift, but are an on-call unit who responds when needed.
Crisis Intervention Team patch
The crisis intervention team has both uniformed and non-uniformed branches. A “CIT” detective is responsible for both training the department in crisis intervention and conducting follow up with subjects suffering from mental illness to ensure they have the resources needed to prevent escalation. The Crisis Intervention Unit also has Mobile Crisis Team uniformed officers who team up with a mental health professional to offer on the spot care for subjects suffering from a crisis. This often means a mental health transport.
Crisis Negotiation Team patch
The Crisis Negotiation Team responds to critical incidents where communication needs to be established with barricaded subjects. Verbal de-escalation, patience, and mental stamina is required to be a member. Have what it takes? CNT is an on-call unit who responds when needed.
Downtown Public Safety District patch
Downtown Officers do it all foot patrol, Bike Patrol, and Vehicle Patrol. They work in the iconic Downtown area to reduce crime and create a safe environment for th Downtown Community. To be a Downtown Officer you must be able and willing to create meaningful relationships with the population of the Downtown Area. Downtown Officers generally work dayshift but will adjust their schedule occasionally for special events.
DWI Unit patch
Drunk Driving kills many Americans every year. Be a part of the solutions by joining the DWI Unit and stopping drunk drivers! The DWI Unit Works Swing and Graveyard and most holidays, providing safety and security to travelers on the road. Hard work is a must in this unit.
Emergency Response Team patch
Field Services Buruea patch
In Field Services you will be on uniformed patrol responding to calls for service. Field Officers work in teams of eight officers who report to one sergeant. Hours and days off vary but are generally four 10 hour shifts on either dayshift, swing shift, or graveyard shift. FSB Officers are the backbone of the department and everything starts with YOU!
Field Training Officer patch
To be a Field Training Officer referred to as “FTO’s”, you have to be highly motivated and patient. FTO’s teach new officers how to do the job. Upon graduating the Academy all officers are assigned to On The Job Training “OJT”. Your FTO will guide you through OJT and craft you into a model officer!
Gang Unit patch
There are over 100 types of street gangs in Albuquerque and they are an all too common source of criminal activity. Identify and arrest violent gang members by joining APD’s Gang Unit. Work as a non-uniformed officer to identify and track gang activity. The Gang Unit works varying hours.
Homicide Unit patch
As a non-uniformed member of the Homicide Unit, you will be responsible for bringing justice to homicide offenders. Attention to detail and steadfast nerves are needed to be a homicide detective. To be a homicide detective you have to start out by proving you have the investigatory skills needed to put together complex cases.
Honor Guard patch
Honor Guard is a collateral duty. Honor Guard Officers must have the ability to prepare a formal uniform and work as a team during a multitude of events such as funeral services, and events that call for flag presentation.
K9 Unit patch
K-9 Officers are a unique part of the Tactical Team. K-9 Officers work alongside man’s best friend to locate and take offenders into custody. If you love dogs this is the place for you! See if you have what it takes to be a K-9 handler.
Mounted Unit patch
The horse mounted unit is not just for show. The HMU is deployed during protests, demonstrations, and civil disturbances to assist with croud control and management. In addition the HMU performs seek and rescue operations in the City and sometimes partners with other agencies.
Open Space Unit patch
The Open Space Unit responds to calls requiring special vehicles such as airboats, ATV’s, 4wheel drive trucks, and mountain bikes. Open Space officers are also tought how to perform rescues from dangerous areas such as mountainsides and rivers.
Police Service Aid patch
An APD Police Service Aide is a civilian member of APD who wants to learn the basics of what it takes to be a police officers. PSA’s handle administrative duties and respond to low priority calls and write reports. Most PSA’s join the ranks of APD after turning 21.
School Resource Unit patch
APD’s School Resource Unit takes calls at Albuquerque area schools. The SRO unit builds relationships with schools to increase trust in the police department and ensure schools are provide with a safe secure environment. SRO’s work dayshift hours.
Search & Rescue patch
Search and Rescue is a collateral duty. As a member of the search and rescue team you will receive training in rendering aide to those who become lost or stranded in hard to reach locations. Search and Rescue is on an on-call basis, so be prepared to respond anytime you are needed!
SWAT patch
APD’s SWAT Team is highly trained and ready to respond at a moments notice. To join APD SWAT you must serve a minimum of five years as an officer and then pass a rigorous fitness test and probationary period. Pass the test and you will be a member of one the most elite teams in the Nation. The SWAT team is on-call 24/7 but normal working hours are dayshift.
Traffic patch
If you enjoy riding motorcycles then the APD Traffic Unit is the place to be. The Traffic Unit conducts operations on APD’s roadways to encourage safe driving. Traffic Officers must be able to pass proficiency tests on motorcycle operations and also traffic accident reconstruction. The traffic unit also supports dignitaries who pass through Albuquerue by providing escorts and traffic control. The traffic unit generally works dayshift but sometimes adjust hours for night time operations.

Meet the

Recruiting Unit








Michelle English

Michelle English


Michelle English joined APD over 19 years ago.  She spent 6 years as a patrol officer before transferring to the Crimes Against Children Unit (CACU) where she worked diligently to protect victims of child abuse.  After spending 5 years in CACU,  Michelle transferred to the Child Exploitation Detail (CED) for three years.  While in CED and CACU, she was a part-time collateral Background Investigator and member of the Honor Guard.  In 2018, Michelle transferred to the Recruiting Unit.  Michelle is driven to help you join the best department in the nation!

James Demsich

James Demsich


James Demsich has been with APD since 2007. He has worked extensively in the Field Service Bureau.  Detective Demsich was a Field Training Officer, Emergency Response Team Member, Collateral Diver, and a Bicycle Officer.  Detective Demsich has a wealth of knowledge to share and wants to help you get your career started with APD.  Give him a call to get more info!

Tim Wolffbrandt

Tim Wolffbrandt


Tim Wolffbrandt is a full-time recruiter and has collateral duties with the APD Bomb Squad.  Detective Wolffbrandt responds to some of the most dangerous calls an officer can face but does so to protect the citizens of Albuquerque!  Detective Wolffbrandt not only serves our City, he also serves our Nation as a member of the Air National Guard.  Contact Detective Wolffbrandt to learn more!

Trish Hoffman

Trish Hoffman

Recruiter/Retired Lieutenant

Trish Hoffman retired as a Lieutenant in 2018 after 23 years with The Albuquerque Police Department. She worked extensively in the field being promoted to Sergeant in 2012 and Lieutenant in 2016. She was chosen to be APD’s Public Information Officer. She also worked in Internal Affairs’ and finished her career with the Aviation Division overseeing K9 and patrol units. Trish received a master’s degree in management and formed the first female self-defense course. She has taught over 14,000 women and has been a recipient of the Governor’s award for work involving women. She came back to work for APD to inspire a new generation. Ask away!

Dan Calt

Dan Calt

Recruiter/Retired Officer

Retired Officer Dan Calt graduated from APD 82nd Cadet Class in December of 2001.  Officer Calt served 15 years in Field Services Bureau answering police service calls from the public.  Officer Calt was a Field Training Officer for 8 years and trained over 40 Recruit Officers in numerous phases of training.  Officer Calt spent 3 years in the department’s Internal Affairs Professional Standards Unit and one year in the Recruiting Unit before retiring in September of 2019.  During his career, Officer Calt was awarded the Medal of Outstanding Service, Medal of Meritorious Service and the Medal of Valor.



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